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Wood Pergola Kits Sale

Pergolas are garden structures that first became popular during the Italian Renaissance. They have remained popular over time because they are simple yet beautiful. Made up of side beams and an overhead lattice, pergolas provide shade, architectural interest, and space for climbing plants. Adding a pergola to your outdoor living space is one of the easiest, most affordable ways to enhance the beauty of your yard, and it’s simple to do with our easy-to-assemble wood pergola kits.

Each kit is handcrafted by the our team members and carefully packaged for delivery to your home. In the fall and winter, kits are delivered to your home within two to four weeks.This fast delivery of our wood pergola kits is just one of the many reasons why our customer service is renowned throughout the industry.

While you’re at it, take advantage of our wide selection of high-quality products to fully outfit your yard or garden with the outdoor structures you need: Whether you could use a barn or shed for added storage space or you’re looking for wood pergola kits to help you make an idea place to relax, Seven Trust Outlet has what you want at great prices.

When you’re ready to buy one of our high-quality pergola kits,we’ll ship it out for free to anywhere. We have a wide variety of wood pergola kits in stock and ready to ship, and our knowledgeable staff and installers stand ready to assist you.