PVC crust foam board raw material

Pvc Crust Foam Board – Foam Raw Material

Foaming materials are plastics (PE, EVA, etc.), rubber (SBR, CR, etc.) and other raw materials, and are supplemented with catalysts, foam stabilizers, foaming agents, etc., and are used to make plastics and rubbers through physical foaming or cross-linked foaming. There are a lot of fine foams in the volume increase, density reduction, soft foam material, light weight, good softness, with buffer, sound absorption, shock absorption, heat preservation, filtration and other functions.

Pvc Crust Foam Board Advantages

The advantages of PVC are that it releases less combustion heat than other plastics – hence contributes less to maintaining and spreading fire – and produces no or very few flaming droplets or debris. Burning PVC yields an expanded carbonaceuous structure usually called ‘intumescence’. This structure forms a thermal barrier protecting underlying parts. In some cases, such as pipes, PVC can even prevent fire spreading by blocking the orifices through walls or floors.

Oxygen index of various plasticsSince PVC is highly fire resistant, it is widely used in exterior construction materials such as window profiles, siding boards, or interior housing materials, such as wall-covering and flooring.

Pvc foam decorative materials worth buying.