Wood Plastic Flooring Selection Introduction

The space of different function, the wood floor kind that applies is also different. For example, bedroom will usually choose warm or neutral color wood floor, give people more quiet, warm feelings. If it is a children’s room or game room, we must pay attention to the wear resistance of wooden flooring, such as children playing toys, game collision is not easy to damage the ultra-wear-resistant wood flooring, is a very good choice.

Master The Depth Of The Match Can Be Safe Color Selection

In addition to the walls, wood flooring in the visual weight is not small, and wood flooring is almost as soon as it is no longer easy to change. Therefore, the color of the wood floor must be considered carefully before the decision. Consumers can master the big principles, if the home is light color furniture, wood flooring safety color selection range is large. However, if the majority of the home is dark furniture, it is recommended not to choose too dark wood floor, lest the entire space is too dark, lost the desired warmth and softness.

Different places, choose different decking floors, bring different feelings of the living environment.