Choosing And Buying Decking Floor To Help Household Planning Be Done

Choosing And Buying Decking Floor To Help Household Planning Be Done

Household adornment to decorate plan and home plan, laid wood floor, before to buy sheet to household planning, planning, planning for space and household style size, here small make up to you to introduce how to make wood plastic floor shop in front of the household.

Floor Plan Step 1

Tailored chosen wooden flooring design atmosphere household laid floor material first to watch the size, we have introduced in front of the wood plastic floor according to the specification can be divided into standard, wide and narrow plate model, their width and length are different, so the material before considering the different dosage of specifications of the floor is posted.

Floor Plan Step 2

Select material to see wooden floor laid floor design is pure and fresh and the kitchen space according to the space to consider material is a must, and wood plastic floor has many advantages, environmental security, very suitable for home decoration, and is suitable for floor heating, so wood plastic floor can be laid in the bedroom, sitting room. However, wooden plastic floor has a fatal flaw is to use in the medium to avoid blisters, so, cannot install in the bathroom and the kitchen, and some more humid space. Wood floor design texture household secondly, considering the size of the bedroom area, on the choice of color, general room area is large and daylighting enough appropriate chooses darker, the heavy texture. On the contrary, choose color shallow, grain is meticulous. According to the bedroom function, the sitting room should use transparent tall, color is downy, in order to build bright, harmonious, elegant atmosphere. The study, its environment should have strong culture atmosphere, should choose sedate brunet floor.

Floor Planning Step 3

Select material to also want to see sweet household style wooden floor design now household decorates is easily exquisite style, a Mediterranean style, rural style, European style, Chinese style style, classical style, etc., as a result, when laid floor in addition to consider the size of the material, applicability, consider whether the floor is suitable for your home decorate a style to choose color. Deep tonal floor’s appeal and expressiveness is very strong, individual character is distinctive, light color is tonal the floor style is contracted, fresh and elegant. Household design of floor of wood of sitting room