Verandas decking have been around for hundreds of years though it is only recently where their popularity has increased significantly making the ability to purchase a Veranda material available to everyone.

Due to the current economic climate many people are putting off moving home. With the low interest rates, people see little return on investment from leaving money in the bank. This has allowed the Veranda decoration material and home improvement market to maintain growth where other market sectors are making losses. People are now choosing to make the best of what they have, enjoy their homes more and add value to their homes for the future.

Verandas decking material can be considered to be a glass canopy, comparable to a conservatory without walls.

A Veranda is an aesthetically pleasing outdoor extension to your home. There are ranges of both traditional and contemporary styled Verandas to blend with any type of property. Your home will immediately stand out as being somewhat unique with this extra outdoor addition.

As well as being pleasing to the eye, Verandas are a very practical extension to your home. Outdoor living can be tough in the UK, especially with our very inconsistent weather. A Veranda creates an outdoor sheltered area that you can use no matter what the weather.

Glass Verandas Decking Material

There are various types of Verandas on the market at the moment. Glass Verandas are one of the most popular type. Glass Verandas use a safety-laminated glass or toughened glass for the roof. This is often available in tinted or frosted glass should you prefer. Generally Glass Verandas have an aluminium frame that is powder coated in your choice of colour.

Another popular alternative to the Glass Veranda is the Polycarbonate Veranda. Thanks to how lightweight polycarbonate is, these Verandas can use a more minimalist framework, which suits some gardens better. They can also be made to larger projections than some of the glass versions. Polycarbonate can also be purchased as clear or bronze tinted or opal (which is similar to frosted glass).

There is a range of options available to allow you to enhance your Veranda further. Screens to enclose the sides, roof blinds to keep the area shade on hot days and heating and lighting to maintain the perfect ambience no matter what time of day or year it is!

So if you enjoy outdoor living and want to add and extension to your home that is unique and practical and adds value to your home then consider installing a Veranda with decoration material!


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