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PVC Floor Green It

PVC floor is not a natural material, is synthesized by chemical, PVC, also known as PVC, which is commonly used by people of plastic. So people call him a plastic floor, floor plastic sheeting, plastic flooring, synthetic flooring, rubber flooring, the most standard name should be PVC flooring. The qualified PVC floor is 100% free of formaldehyde and harmful gas release. Countries on the PVC floor soluble heavy metals (lead, cadmium), vinyl chloride, volatile materials have strict standards. Therefore, PVC flooring is the most environmentally friendly floor decoration materials.

Slip Risk: Very Low

When you work in a demanding environment assessed as having a very high slip risk, where specific contaminants are constantly present and the risk of spillages is unavoidable, you need a specialist flooring solution capable of dealing with everything thrown at it.

We take your safety seriously. Grease, oils and shampoos found in commercial kitchens and wet environments all pose a risk to people walking around, so we offer specialist solutions to keep your risk of slipping to one in a million, even in these tough conditions.

Do not Worry PVC Floor Fire Performance

With a vinyl deck system, you can rest assured that your deck and home are safer than ever from concerns like fire. This plastic and pvc decking material is highly fire resistant, protecting your deck and your home from disaster. Levels of fire resistance can vary depending on the vinyl decking provider.PVC deck cover earned a Class B Fire Rating when directly applied to T&G plywood, leaving buyers with one less concern for their home.

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