Waterproof WPC Wall Panel Low Maintenance

Waterproof WPC Wall Panel Low Maintenance

The waterproof WPC wall panel is made of high strength, water resistant, and strong weather resistance composite materials, which is easy and convenient to install, safe and qualified in application, beautiful in the landscaping and is the new landscape materials in modern city house building. It is widely used in the outdoor wall decoration of residential, office, hotel and so on.

Main Characteristics of Waterproof Wall Panel

The waterproof WPC wall panel not only waterproof but also fire retardant, pest control, no formaldehyde, no need to paint, anti-corrosion and easy to install and maintain. It can be nailed, cut, bend, shaped, easy cleaning and can be recycled.

The waterproof WPC wall panel offers the designers various options from its shape, color to surface treatment, for which the designers have large freedom in design and can apply it to business clubs and home decoration.

As a kind of outdoor product, the waterproof WPC wall panel has more weather ability, where it is adiabatic in hot season while prevents heat diffusion in cold season, improving the performance and comfort and elevating the outside beauty of buildings. It is widely used in the outdoor wall of large buildings and villas.

Installation of Waterproof Wall Panels

First, use stainless screw to fasten the first layer of WPC panel onto the fixed joist(gap between two joists is 400mm~600mm), making sure the wall panel and joist is tightly connected. The put the 2nd layer of wall panel onto the first layer in the bottom-up order to make sure that water flows along the panel but dose not enter the inside of panel. Attention: a gap of 6~10mm should be left between two layers of wall panels to leave room for thermal expansion and contraction, thus avoiding bending and deformation.

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