Understand Engineering Wood Flooring

Understand Engineering Wood Flooring

A tree is a miracle of nature that produces magnificent timbers, but scientific engineering has found a way to make them stronger, more beautiful and longer lasting. Flooring that is produced by cross-engineering combines the best features of natural wood with technology. Many advantages over solid wood allow it to perform in a superior manner.

Wood floors add an elegance and sophistication to a home that give it a mark of distinction. It is a highly desirable addition to a decor that sets the tone for the entire house. Some limitations are inherent in the use of solid wood, including its tendency to warp when wet or exposed to the sun’s rays. Even the hardest species are marred by sharp objects, including high heels. The precious and expensive hardwood floor requires frequent care that preserves and protects it as well as possible. But limitations remain, despite the best efforts by home owners to safeguard an expensive investment.

Engineered wood flooring provides all of the advantages associated with hardwood flooring without any of the disadvantages.

Engineering Wood Process

The engineering process places a layer of natural hardwood on the surface of underlying plywood that reinforces and strengthens the product. Grains that run in opposition provide more strength than one that runs only one way. By sandwiching plywood between the top layer of hardwood and another layer of plywood below, engineering produces a much sturdier product. Conservation of forestry resources add to the appeal of using a product that saves everything and wastes nothing.

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