Skirting Line In Home Decoration

The Role Of Skirting Line In Home Decoration

It is easy to ignore the existence of skirting line in home decoration for people, especially in some foreign furniture corner there is no extra skirting line. skirting line as the name implies is the metope area that the foot is skirting, this place is the place that the foot can touch on the ground at ordinary times, so skirt foot line has what effect?

One of the main functions of preventing the floor from deforming is to prevent the floor from deforming. When laying the floor,the floor to the wall needs to reserve 5 mm of the left and right sides of the gap, in order to ensure the floor late thermal expansion and contraction when the extension, avoid the floor to appear extrusion, rise warped condition.

Protecting the wall skirting line can reduce the damage caused by external force. It also reduces the difficulty of cleaning areas that are prone to moisture and dirt during routine maintenance.

It is worth noting that the skirting line can leave a gap between the wires. Of course, this needs to take into account the smoothness and beauty of the skirting line and the rationality of the wiring. Generally speaking, the skirting line plays a great role in home decoration, which ensures the overall beauty of the room.