What Is The Main Point Of The Wood-Plastic Processing Mold

Wood-plastic moulds are moulds used to make all kinds of wood-plastic products. According to the current process characteristics, the comprehensive requirements for wood molds for molds are: Firstly, it can produce high-quality wood-plastic products that can meet the needs of use in terms of appearance, dimensional accuracy and physical properties; the requirements from the perspective of mold use are: The high efficiency, automation, easy operation and easy maintenance of the production; from the perspective of mold manufacturing, the mold structure is reasonable, easy to manufacture, low cost, and can be accepted by the majority of users.

As a new type of composite material, wood-plastic materials are usually processed by blending natural plant fiber materials such as straw, rice husk, wood flour and hemp fiber with different polymer substrates, so extrusion molding is processed in wood-plastic materials. It has an important position in production.

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