Ecological Polymer Wood Flooring Is Popular Home Material

The Main Points Of Laying The Floor

With the development of modern technology, the appearance of the floor has become very beautiful, making people feel comfortable. Indoor floor manufacturers say that many people lay floors when they are doing house renovations. A large part of the quality of the floor is determined by the quality of the construction. If there are defects in the laying, it will affect the service life of the floor.

When Laying The Floor That The Ground Should Be Flat

Before the floor is laid, the ground must be leveled and tested by professional evaluation methods. If the floor is uneven, the floor and keel will be suspended when the floor is laid. People will be slammed when they step on it.

The Keel Is To Be Dried

The moisture content of the keel without drying can be as high as 25%, and the normal moisture content of the floor is generally around 12%. Therefore, if the floor is larger than this value, it will be easily affected by moisture, which will make the floor susceptible to deformation and cracking.

Choose The Right Time And Environment

The floor is made of natural materials and has certain requirements for indoor temperature and humidity. Usually, the floor temperature is between 16 ° C and 30 ° C, which can reduce the thermal expansion and contraction of the floor. The time to lay the floor is generally chosen after 2 pm.

Paving Methods Are Particular

When the floor is paved, it is necessary to pay attention to certain methods. When installing, it is necessary to reserve a certain gap. In addition to the gap between the floor and the wall, a gap of about 1 mm is required, and a certain gap should be left between the floors to avoid future There is a case where the arch is deformed.

It Is Very Necessary To Protect The Post-Construction

After the paving is completed, the floor should be covered with paper to avoid damage caused by paint falling on the floor during the decoration. At the same time, avoid walking on the floor within 48 hours after the floor is laid. And place heavy objects. In general, pay attention to the above mentioned points when laying the floor, which will be of great help to the future home life.

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