Custom Hollow Pvc Porch Flooring

Pvc Floor Common Features

PVC floor are engineered to look like real wood and come in many finishes. A low-maintenance option, they are scratch- and stain-resistant and require periodic cleaning.

Hollow Pvc Flooring Is The Most Popular No-Maintenance Alternative Decking Material. Here’S Why

1.Unlike treated wood, vinyl deck is made of non-toxic, 100% recyclable PVC compounds.

2.It eliminate the annual repairs, waterproofing and inevitable replacement costs associated with wood surfaces.

3.Using the hollow material allows all fasteners to be hidden.
Running any low-voltage wiring to light this type of deck is simple.

4.If you choose white or another light color, it stays relatively cool in the sun.

5.Some systems offer a lifetime warranty.

Hollow Pvc Porch Flooring

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