Suitable Decking Floor Buying Guide

Suitable Decking Floor Buying Guide

Explore hard and soft options to find your favourite decking flooring.
When decorating a room, one of the most important things to get right is the flooring. Not only does your floor have to look the part, it also has to be practical and complement the style of your home. Our handy guide is here to help you pick the right decking flooring for you.

First, Consider The Decking Floor Where Will Be Laid

Start by thinking about where you want to lay the new floor and what that particular room is used for.

Like hallways or children’s playrooms, will benefit from durable flooring, while kitchens and bathrooms require a water-resistant floor that’s easy to clean. And when it comes to bedrooms, it’s all about soft, luxurious floors that feel great underfoot.

Soft flooring options are also good for children’s bedrooms and playrooms, and they’re better sound absorbers if you live in a flat or shared house. Hard wood floors are an investment in style and, with a little bit of maintenance, can look fantastic for years to come. Laminate wood decking flooring and real wood top layer are a great value alternative to solid wood flooring, with plenty of effects and finishes to choose from.

Does The Flooring Require Underlay?

Once you’ve found your flooring, it’s important to understand if it requires an underlay. Many floors will need one to ensure that you get the best end result.Not only does an underlay act as a cushioning layer, they can help with soundproofing and heat insulation. They can also flatten out an uneven base and protect both the sub-floor and your chosen flooring from moisture.

More Floor Type Options

Deep Embossed Decking Floor
Hollow Pvc Foam Floor
Solid Pvc Fireproof Deck