Wood Plastic Floor Installation

Wood Plastic Floor Installation Step

1.Clear the Ground

Sweep the ground: clean up the garbage on the ground, including not a corner, the ground is not clean, after the floor under the “sand” feeling.
Seek ground level: the horizontal error of ground level cannot exceed 2mm, exceed word to want to be able to find a level. If the floor is uneven, the floor has a good rear foot feeling of course is not good.

2. Laying Floor

Bottom floor: after the floor is swept clean, the moisture-proof layer is spread first, this can prevent the floor to be affected later. The moisture-proof layer should be paved and the seams should be closed.

3.Use glue

the glue that holds the floor glue should use wooden plastic floor special, so the effect that this kind of agglutinate will be better, before the shop everybody see clear glue whether use right.

4.Choose the Pressure Strip

floor is paved the next is to install the pressure bar, general floor is taller than ground to use that kind of high and low pressure, the floor is as flat as ground to use this kind of flat pressure.

5.Safety Bar

when installing the pressure bar, must hold the pressure bar with the floor, the screw also needs to tighten, otherwise the pressure bar and the floor are very easy to separate.

6.Matters Needing Attention

When applying glue in the floor trough, be sure to smooth, otherwise it will affect the adhesive effect. The joint of floor and toilet ceramic tile must be made waterproof, guard against the water of toilet in the future the water overflow of the floor is wet.

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