Moisture-Proof Marine Decking - Pvc Synthetic Decking

Pvc Synthetic Decking For Marine

Marinas have the unique challenge of being exposed to the elements of water, wind and sun while needing to maintain structural integrity and be aesthetically pleasing. Marina decking needs to be strong enough to withstand these elements.PVC synthetic decking is successfully used as the top layer of marinas and waterfront walkways because it lives up to the challenge.

A well designed and installed deck can transform an outdoor space into a modern space to dine, relax or for the children to play. Coastal getaways, seaside properties, boardwalks and marinas always look beautiful when they are easily maintained, but just as importantly when they offer safety in wet conditions. With low moisture absorption and high slip resistance, pvc synthetic decking provide a durable, safe decking system for marine applications which will not rot or be susceptible to salt.

Have You Given Much Thought To Deck Design Using Modern Materials?

Synthetic boat decking is now a well established material and provides a superb alternative to traditional teak wood decks. The product is available in a range of colours to either mimic wood or take a step away from tradition and deliver a modern look to a boat deck.

Either way, the result is a low maintenance, non-slip boat decking product which is as well suited on a RIB or wakeboard boat as on a more traditional yacht design.

Looking first at the material itself, regardless of colour, synthetic teak (or plastic teak as it is sometimes referred to) uses a base compound of UV stabilised PVC to ensure that unlike real teak wood it will not fade prematurely through the intense heat of the sun.

In addition the material is stain resistant to liquids such as oil, fish blood and red wine – thus protecting against a good variety of boat owners!

so,the marine deck has been application with modern materials to deal with various situations in the environment.