synthetic pvc boat deck

Synthetic PVC Boat Deck Description

Please be aware that black soled shoes may leave marks upon the deck surface and high heels should not be worn as they may cause dents to remain in the surface through focused pressure onthe material. As with teak decks we recommend that deck shoes are used as the footwear of choice.

Care should also be taken with furniture. As with the case of high heels, pressure is focused through furniture legs which may create dents upon the surface of the deck. If possible please use pads to help distribute the pressure across a wider area. Ensure that heavy items are not dragged across the surface of the deck as this may scratch the material.

Avoid placing hot objects onto synthetic teak decking as this may lead to marks or burns appearing upon the surface which may be difficult to remove, depending on the depth to which the heat has spread.

Service :Free sample,quality assurance 20 years,long life

Synthetic PVC Boat Deck Features

1. Zero or Low maintenance.
2. Costs less than real teak decking.
3. UV and Stain resistant.
4. weighs much less than real teak decking.
5. reduced installation difficulty and time. 6. super high non-skid qualities. 7. Thermal insulation and sound dampening.8. Longer Life.


Ask: What is synthetic boat deck made of?
Answer: Seven Trust pvc boat deck is made of specially formulated flexible pvc. This durable material contains non-migrating plasticizers, the highest UV protection, and anti-fungal agents to ensure that pvc boat deck will look great for a very long time. Seven Trust pvc boat deck has no wood or cork content which would deteriorate over time.

Ask:Will synthetic boat deck fade?
Answer: Seven Trust boat deck contains the highest UV protection available and this protection is mixed throughout the material, not just on the surface. This UV protection is automotive grade, which is the same type used in modern automotive plastics. Seven Trust boat deck will retain its vivid teak-like appearance for many years. Look at our weather testing to see how well Seven Trust boat deck holds up when exposed to the elements.

Ask:Is synthetic boat deck hot?
Answer:Like a natural teak deck, or anything dark-colored, Seven trust synthetic boat deck will get warm in the sun. Seven trust synthetic boat deck can be hosed off with water to keep it cool, just like you would with a teak deck, but deck won’t become slippery when wet. Deck shoes might also be a good idea on a hot summer day.