What is a PVC Foam Board

What Is A Pvc Foam Board?

PVC foam board is also known as Chevron board or Andy board. Its chemical composition is polyvinyl chloride. It has excellent properties such as waterproof, flame retardant, light weight, heat preservation and shock absorption. It is widely used in cabinets. Core, office, residential, public building cubicles, etc., are ideal replacements for wood, composite panels, etc.

PVC foam board is processed in the same way as wood, and its processing performance is far greater than wood. The surface of the crust board is very smooth and the hardness of the foam board is high, so it is not easy to leave scratches. It is often used in the manufacture of cabinets, furniture, engraving plates, pipe corners and so on.

The surface of the PVC foam board can be printed, coated, or made into various colors.The appearance of the PVC foam board gives an elegant and comfortable feeling. It can be nailed, drilled, planed, axe, riveted, glued, etc., and is easy to process and produce various properties of wood processing.

PVC foam board is very environmentally friendly, and it has far-reaching significance for saving forest resources, energy, protecting the ecological environment and promoting the sustainable development of human society.

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