Commercial Yard Fireproof Floor

Commercial Yard Fireproof Floor

Choose the most suitable commercial yard floor, PVC fireproof foam floor. This flooring is composed of 3 main materials ,High-impact polymer,PVC fireproof raw material,foam raw material.

High-Impact Polymer – Pvc Fireproof Foam Floor

High-Impact Polymer (more specifically, high-impact polypropylene copolymer): It is a specially formulated high-impact plastic with UV protection. It is lightweight, but strong enough to support large amounts of weight. One of the key benefits of the high-impact polymer material is that not much sticks to it. As a result, it is easy to clean and difficult to stain. Our polymer base garage tiles are odorless and do not release gases during normal use.

Benefite Of Pvc Fireproof Material

Reducing the spread of flames and smoke throughout a facility or area
Providing greater protection of people and property during a fire-related accident/incident
Gaining peace of mind/security against careless actions (e.g. the discarding of lit cigarettes)

Foam Raw Material

General Plastics’ polyurethane foams are smooth, uniform, and grain-free cell structures that support very fine surface finishes. The products can be easily cut, shaped and carved even with common woodworking tools. The foams can be machined or CNC-milled without producing static, and do not contain glass fiber fillers or glass-beads that can affect foam strength or damage cutting tools.