Vinyl Flooring For Pontoon Boats

Seven Trust vinyl floor is recommended for interior usage on marine vessels because of its maintenance free nature and their manufacturing process meant to nullify the affects of water.

The planks perfectly recreate the look and textures of actual wood and teak flooring for a fraction of the price. Our planks will not ​rot, crack, rust or corrode because they are water and abrasion resistant. Seven Trust vinyl floor is stain resistant and can be polished on varnished to reclaim a pristine, freshly installed look.

An Eco-Friendly Product featuring a 100% Waterproof Hydro Board,Waterproofing is not only convenient, it is protective. Save on replacing planks or other components of your boat with Seven Trust vinyl floor.

Boat Deck Alternatives Vinyl Floor

Attractive, nonskid alternatives to teak decking have come a long way.

Although many boaters might not think of it this way, a boat’s deck is a critical piece of safety gear. Its job? To keep your feet, and therefore you, firmly planted onboard. Traditionally, decking achieved the necessary nonskid properties in one of three ways: being coated with textured paint; molded with aggressive patterns in the deck, or covered with teak wood, affixed to the deck with screws and glue.

Each of these presents drawbacks. Diamond-cut-patterned, nonskid, and textured deck paint tend to capture dirt and grime and can be difficult to keep looking clean. The “nonskid” particles in the paint can wear off over time making it ineffective. Teak, the best looking and most traditional of the three, requires maintenance, especially as it ages.

Therefore, PVC material is the best choice for yachts and pontoon boat decoration,because of PVC vinyl flooring, waterproof, wear-resistant, anti-aging, etc.