Several Factors Affecting Floor Loss

Several Factors Affecting Floor Loss

Generally speaking, the length and width of each floor are fixed, but the area of ​​the floor does not necessarily match the room to be laid, so a certain cutting of the floor is required, which causes loss. Floor loss is a very normal situation. Let’s look at several factors that affect floor loss.

In general, the floor loss rate is determined by the integrated floor plan, floor covering method, and the skill of the installation master.

1.The floor loss of the room with a slightly larger size is lower, whereas the small-sized room requires more irregular floors and the loss will be higher. The small size of the small size floor can reduce the loss of the floor, while the large size can choose a slightly larger size floor.

2.The type of house not only refers to the area but also the shape of the house. If there are many corners and arcs in the house, the loss will be large. If the house is square, the floor loss will be small.

3.A more conventional floor covering can save a lot of floor space, but if you want to think of a new pattern, or a diagonal shop, you will have some scrap left.

Floor installation is a technical activity, and the installation master can control the wear and tear of the pavement based on experience. Experienced workers will also make a rough estimate of the house and calculate how to shop more cost-effectively. Generally speaking, the loss of the seam paving is large, and according to the length of the room and the matching of the floor size, the installer will also adopt the step paving to reduce the loss of the floor, and the more skilled the installation technician will cause the floor loss.

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