Price Per Foot Composite Floor In Uae

The Types Of Composite Floor

There are two main types of composite floor: one is solid wood composite floor,the other is fortified wood composite floor. These two types of composite flooring have different characteristics and different requirements in terms of use and maintenance.

The high-strength composite floor has high hardness, good wear resistance, more choices of color, simple and convenient paving, and low price, but the foot feels slightly worse.

Solid wood composite floor absorbs the advantages of both, the price is between the two, but the hardness is the worst of the three.

Solid Wood Composite Floor Price In Uae

Solid wood composite floor: Solid wood composite floor has changed the previous physical structure and the stability is better. In terms of price, it is cheaper than solid wood flooring and is a medium-sized consumer product. It is currently a popular type of floor decoration material for home decoration. Generally, the floor between 20 yuan / m2 – 500 yuan / m2 is not bad.

Laminate Wood Plastic Flooring Price In Uae

Fortified wood composite floor is generally divided into indoor and outdoor, indoor ecological wood flooring, outdoor wood plastic flooring. Wood-plastic flooring also has solid and hollow, hollow price is relatively cheaper, generally between 120 yuan -180 yuan per square. Solid prices are relatively expensive, generally between 130-200 yuan per square. If the labor contract is required, the installation cost is also included in the price, depending on the local manual quotation. The entire price is calculated to include the floor substrate, installation labor costs, shipping costs and other costs.

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