Buy Pvc Fireproof And Foam Decking

Buy Pvc Fireproof And Foam Decking

PVC fireproof decking is produced by the most advanced extrusion molding technology, with the extrusion layer firmly and averagely covered on the surface. With this kind of new technology applied in production, the PVC fireproof and foam material has much stronger characteristics like abrasion resistance, scratch, stain and weather resistance apart from the characteristics like anti-mildew, pest control, and other physical advantages of that of the traditional PVC decking, which makes it more durable and beautiful. It is very widely used for outdoor landscaping.

Meanwhile, PVC fireproof decking is permanently fused to its composite core. The unique composition of the outer layer provides better control over pigmentation, resulting in a denser, richer color, more variation and a more realistic look. Made from 100% recycled material mix of wood pulp and high density polyethylene plastics (HDPE).

Applications Of Pvc Fireproof And Foam Decking:

Garden, lawn, balcony,garage, swimming pool and spa surroundings, bridge, playground.

Characteristics of PVC fireproof and foam Decking:

1. Environmentally-friendly, resource-saving
2. Embodied with wood sense, but no common problems of wooden materials
3. Waterproof and moisture-resistant, can be used around seaside
4. People can walk on it barefoot, no slippery, no crackle, no bending
5. No need to paint glue or maintenance
6. Suitable for all kinds of weather conditions, from –40℃ to 60℃
7. Pest control, anti-moth
8. Various colors to choose
9. Easy to install and clean.