Ecological Wooden Floor Breaks The Market Pattern

Ecological Wooden Floor Breaks The Market Pattern

Ecological wood flooring is a floor made of high-density panels, which is quietly on the market. Ecological wood flooring is different from general laminate flooring. It has no harmful substances such as melamine and aluminum oxide. Its environmental performance is equivalent to international green standards. Therefore, the emergence of ecological wood flooring has broken the pattern of the original flooring market.

For a long time, the floor market has been monopolized by solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring and laminate flooring. It has a three-legged situation. These three kinds of flooring have their own characteristics, so they are loved by their respective groups. Therefore, although they are competitive, they are also difficult to replace each other.

However, the emergence of eco-wood flooring on the market can be said to be the “terminator” of the three-legged situation. The ecological wood flooring is made of green and high-density wood panels. It has high environmental performance and has the function of strengthening the floor. The ecological wood floor can solve the problems of easy drying, shrinking, shrinking and deformation of the floor. The ecological wood floor adopts the digital spraying simulation process, which can be designed according to the needs of consumers, and is highly selectable. It can be said that the ecological wood flooring combines the advantages of the three kinds floorings while also making up for the shortcomings of the three kinds floorings.

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