The Difference Between Pe Wood Plastic And Pvc Wood Plastic

The advantage of wood-plastic is that it will not be wormed, not rotted, and flame retardant. The most essential difference between the two is that in terms of materials, PE is a polyethylene resin and PVC is a polyvinyl chloride resin.

PE Wood Plastic Material

1. The main plastic: polyethylene resin, the cost of using new materials is too high, mostly using PE recycling materials.

2. Appearance: The surface color is single, there is no woody feeling, the aesthetic effect is poor, and the touch is like wax. In order to realize the woody feeling of the surface, the bright layer of the surface crust is mostly polished with a diamond or a wire brush, or the surface of the wood-plastic material is rolled by a metal roller with a heated surface and a wood-like surface to realize the wood-plastic material. The surface is imitation wood effect.

3. Flame retardant properties: flammable, there are burning drops.

4.Physical properties: product weight, high hardness, brittleness, good impact resistance; deformation or bending or stress cracking at high temperatures, but the use of thick or porous hollow structure is better.

5.Chemical stability: resistant to most acid and alkali corrosion;

6. Environmental protection: a slight odor.

7. Uses: Mainly used for outdoor garden construction, and can also be used for exterior wall decoration.

Pvc Wood Plastic (Pvc Wood Plastic Foam Board)

1. Main plastic: Polyvinyl chloride resin. It is possible to use new or old materials of polyvinyl chloride.

2. Appearance: rich in color, light and dark, and can be mixed, imitation wood grain delicate and realistic and good color fastness. Generally, there is micro-foaming from the cross section.

3. Flame retardant performance: PVC wood plastic’s biggest feature is flame retardant, with self-extinguishing from the fire, no burning dripping, burning performance up to B1.

4.Physical properties:high bending and impact resistance; when high-strength wear resistance is required, the surface can be wear-resistant; the micro-foamed PVC wood-plastic product is light in weight, good in toughness, and free from stress cracking.

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