Composite Wood Furniture Commercial Grade

What Is The Fire Grade Of Composite Wood Furniture?

The fireproof rating of solid wood laminate flooring is B2.

The fire rating is a grading scale that measures the fire resistance of a building. It is determined by the combustion properties and fire endurance of the components that make up the building. The fire resistance rating of a building is one of the most basic measures in the fire protection technical measures specified in the fire protection code for building design.

What Is The Environmental Rating Of Composite Wood Furniture?

The environmental grading of composite wood furniture is E1.The formaldehyde emission content of grade E1 is no more than 0.15mg per cubic meter.

Composite wood furniture use of low formaldehyde emission adhesives can effectively ensure environmental protection. It is a good for human health and environmental protection, in line with the contemporary concept of environmental protection.

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