Method For Treating Scratches On Bamboo Wood Fiber Floor

In the process of using bamboo fiber fiber flooring, it is inevitable that scratches will occur. Although it is only some small traces, the aesthetics of the floor is still affected. Bamboo wood fiber floor manufacturers said that there are still some treatment methods for bamboo wood fiber floor scratches.

The Method For Bamboo Wood Fiber Floor Scratches

1.When there is scratch on the bamboo fiber floor, we can use the floor oil to care for the floor. The effect of the essential oil is that it will not deepen the scratches after use.

2.If the paint film on the surface of the bamboo fiber floor is not damaged and only scratches a mark, it can be polished with a polishing wax after the floor is cleaned. The main function of the polishing wax is to protect the gloss of the floor and make the surface of the floor smooth.

3.If the scratches on the bamboo fiber floor are serious, and the paint film on the floor is damaged or white, you can use 400 water sandpaper to pick up a little soapy water for polishing and scrubbing. When it is dry, it will be partially supplemented. After drying, it will be dried. It is necessary to brush a further paint, dry it for 24 hours, then polish it with 400 water sandpaper and then polish the floor wax.

4.If the scratch area of ​​bamboo fiber floor is serious and large, it is recommended to find professional maintenance personnel to renovate or replace the floor.

In fact, bamboo wood fiber flooring will certainly have different scratches in the process of use, the key is how we maintain it. It is not necessary to maintain a slight scratch, but if the large scratches are not handled well, it is recommended to look for a professional person.

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