Maintain Indoor Wood Flooring

How To Maintain Indoor Wood Flooring In Summer?

In the twinkling of an eye, summer has come. Every summer, when the heat is hot, it becomes the enemy of the floor. So what can we do in the summer to keep the floor as long as new?

Coping With The Weather

A major feature of summer is the abundant rain and humid climate. The maintenance and protection of the summer floor has become a subject that has to be paid attention to.

Timely ventilation of doors and windows is an effective way to dissipate indoor moisture. When the weather is fine, properly open doors and windows to help air circulation and moisture loss.

Waxing Is An Indispensable Maintenance Step For The Wood Floor

Ordinary waxing treatment should be done every six months or once a year. In the summer, the interval between waxing should be shortened appropriately, which is beneficial to the wood floor to avoid the influx of rainy season.

Shrinking Seams For Home Environment Requirements

The wood floor is afraid of exposure, and the home needs to give the floor a cool place. Many phenomena such as stripping and cracking of the floor appear on the balcony. This means that the damage of the wood in the sunlight is much greater than that in the cool and ventilated place, so remember when the sunshine is strong. Pull the curtains in time.

Summer Is The Peak Season For Air-Conditioning

In order to avoid direct air blows to people, some families will sweep the wind down the floor. People will feel dry in the air-conditioned room, and the floor should be so humid. Sweep directly against the floor.

In summer, the indoor floor is protected, so that our home environment will be better. However, the indoor wood-plastic floor produced by Seven Trust effectively avoids the defects of the wooden floor.

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